Comey Drops BOMBSHELL On Sessions: I Don’t Want To Be Alone With Trump (VIDEO)

The entire nation is now waiting with bated breath for fired FBI Director James Comey to testify in open session Congress in what might be the biggest political event since election night. That will not take place until Thursday, and in the meantime, bombshells keep dropping from the White House – especially on the subject of just how troubled Comey was by Trump’s behavior. In fact, it seems that Comey was so uneasy that he actually told Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to leave him alone with Trump.

The New York Times is reporting that Trump’s inappropriate requests for Comey and the FBI to drop certain elements of the Russian hacking investigations made him uncomfortable enough that he went to Sessions and told him that he and his agency needed him to be a firewall of protection from investigation meddling from the West Wing of the White House. Comey, however, never told Sessions specific details of just what had him so worried when it came to Trump; after all, Sessions and Trump are notoriously close, and it is not a certainty that Sessions is completely trustworthy in these matters, either.

When asked about these conversations with the now-former FBI Director, the Department of Justice only said:

“The attorney general doesn’t believe it’s appropriate to respond to media inquiries on matters that may be related to ongoing investigations.”

So, in other words, there’s no denial here that these conversations took place. This is quite a development, considering that the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was so deeply concerned about the behavior of the nation’s chief executive that he simply could not bring himself to be alone in a room with him.

Trump’s problematic behavior causes Obama Justice Department Official Matthew S. Axelrod to weigh in. He said:

“You have the president of the United States talking to the director of the F.B.I., not just about any criminal investigation, but one involving his presidential campaign. That is such a sharp departure from all the past traditions and rules of the road.”

Indeed, if this behavior is not illegal, it is, at the very least, wildly inappropriate and unethical. Thursday should be a goldmine of new revelations from Comey. Hopefully, said revelations get us at least a step or two closer to being rid of this Trumpster fire of an “administration.”

Here is video reporting of these revelations, via the New York Times:

Featured image via screen capture from the New York Times