Trump Marks D-Day Anniversary By Bragging About Himself, Attacking The Media, And Insulting An Ally

The first thing Donald Trump should have thought about on Tuesday morning is all the American soldiers who sacrificed their lives 73 years ago.

On the beaches of Normandy in France, American troops faced the heaviest fire in what is still the largest amphibious operation ever conducted. Many never even made it off the boats that carried them to shore. As depicted in the film Saving Private Ryan, June 6, 1943 was a bloody and terrifying day.

But instead of thinking about those brave men today on the anniversary of D-Day, Trump chose to only think about himself.

In yet another early morning rant on Twitter, Trump attacked the media and listed basically every channel except Fox News as fake news and once again bragged about winning the election.

Trump then bragged that he is going to end the threat of terrorism just because he visited Saudi Arabia and then he attacked one of our strategic allies in the Middle East.

It should be noted that Qatar has been our ally since 1973. But Trump wasn’t done attacking them.

Seriously, Trump literally just accused one of our longtime allies of funding terrorism because Saudi Arabia told him to. Qatar officials deny the allegations.

But Trump’s attack on Qatar is also hypocritical considering Saudi Arabia has also been repeatedly accused of funding terrorism. The Saudis are also significantly tied to the 9/11 attacks, but you don’t see Trump attacking them.

The tension between Qatar and other Middle Eastern nations has been building for quite some time now. Trump’s pathetic speech during his embarrassing trip overseas had nothing to do with what’s happening at the moment. But Trump is trying to take credit anyway.

As Trump continues to cause worldwide chaos and insults our European allies, the anniversary of D-Day should be even more important than ever before.

29,000 Americans lost their lives that day on the blood-soaked sand and water. To put that figure in perspective, that’s more killed in one day than the entire eight-year war in Iraq in which 4,424 American troops were killed.

And if we continue to let Trump and his administration remain in power, we could end up fighting another world war that will be even costlier.

Featured Image: Sean Gallup/Getty Images