Canada’s Foreign Minister: We Must Now Fill The Global Leadership Role U.S. Has Abandoned

Donald Trump has done so much damage that other countries are now scrambling to figure out their new role in the world. The U.S. is quickly losing its status as a superpower with Trump at the helm and now leaders from around the globe are figuring out just who will fill the void. On Tuesday, Canada’s foreign minister said that his country must step up to help fill the global leadership role that the U.S. has abandoned under Trump.

During a speech, Minister Chrystia Freeland said that while the “United States has truly been the indispensable nation” in years past and “has helped foster peace and prosperity” for both Canada and the U.S., things seem to be changing.

Yet it would be naïve or hypocritical to claim before this House that all Americans today agree. Indeed, many of the voters in last year’s presidential election cast their ballots, animated in part by a desire to show that the burden of world leadership. To say this is not controversial: it is simply that.

“Canada is grateful, and will always be grateful,” to the U.S., Freeland continued. She added that Canada “will continue to seek to persuade our friend that their continued international leadership is very much in their national interest — as well as that of the rest of the free world.”

Yet we also recognize that the ultimately not our decision to make. It is a choice Americans must make for themselves.

The fact that our friend and ally has come to question the very worth of its mantle of global leadership, puts into sharper focus the need for the rest of us to set our and we are in sovereign course. For Canada, that course must be the renewal, indeed the strengthening, of the postwar multilateral order.

We will follow this path, with open hand and open heart extended to our American friend, seeking to make common cause had so often in the past.

This is absolutely shameful. In less than six months Trump cost the U.S. not only its reputation but its role as a global leader as well. How much longer are we going to allow him to continue destroying our country?

Featured image via Fiona Goodall/Getty Images