Trump Live Tweets About ‘Fox And Friends’ While Mass Shooting In Orlando Unfolds

Trump spent his second day having a mental breakdown on Twitter with no signs of stopping. Situations around the world are at a particularly dire moment – the Middle East on the brink of war, the terror attack in London, a major infrastructure bill being drawn up – but Trump woke up and immediately turned on the Fox News morning entertainment show, Fox and Friends. Instead of getting his morning intelligence briefing, he live-tweeted incoherently about whatever subjects the Fox hosts brought up.

First Trump’s Muslim ban…

Then how Democrats are “obstructing” his ambassadorship picks. (Fact check: They aren’t. Trump has nominated almost no one and most spots remain vacant due to his inaction.)

Finally, he once again viciously lashed out at the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, taking his original lie and adding even more lies on top to smear the British politician.

The mayor’s “no reason to be alarmed” quote comes from a larger message where he told British citizens that they would be seeing an increased police presence and that the number of cops was “no reason to be alarmed.” Trump stripped the context and pretended the mayor was saying that terror attacks were no reason to be alarmed. Trump said that because on Fox and Friends yesterday a guest made a similar claim. He either hasn’t been corrected about the false information he learned on Fox News or doesn’t care.

Trump did all of this while a mass shooting in Orlando unfolded. Unlike the terror attack in London, this one was a workplace dispute and done with a gun. Five people died.

Five people were killed in a shooting at Fiamma, a business on North Forsyth Road near Hanging Moss Road near Orlando, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office reported this morning, calling it a “tragic incident.”

The shooter — a former “disgruntled employee” who was fired in April — then killed himself, shooter, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said. The shooter had previously been accused of battering a fellow employee.

Trump, who needs reasons to justify his Muslim ban, doesn’t seem to care much about mass shootings that don’t fit the narrative that only scary Islamic terrorists are capable of violence. His silence on the shooting speaks volumes. It was also in stark contrast to his earlier response to London.

When a tragedy hit London, he quickly retweeted an unsubstantiated claim made by right-wing conspiracy site, the Drudge Report. He then spent the night and next morning going on a rant about Muslims. He urged people in England to be scared, doing the work of the terrorists for them.

In contrast, when a nearly equal number of Americans die in a way that is painfully normal for the country with a major gun violence problem, Trump can’t be bothered to even offer condolences. But then, Fox and Friends, which also hates to acknowledge gun violence, probably didn’t mention the shooting so how would our president ever know about it?

Featured image via Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images