Trump Held A Signing. The Only Problem Is, He Had Nothing To Sign

Back in February, Donald Trump described his administration as “running like a fine-tuned machine” and that mind-numbingly stupid remark will come back to haunt him as much as his “We’re going to win so much. You’re going to get tired of winning” promise to his supporters. Case in point: The alleged president held a signing today but had nothing to sign.

On Monday, Trump announced his goal to privatize the nation’s Air Traffic Control System, but that proposal was actually based on legislation introduced by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA), the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. That bill never came to fruition on the House floor for a vote as it faced bipartisan opposition in the Senate.

But anyway, Trump sat down at a desk and signed two documents.

Time reports:

There was only one problem: He wasn’t actually signing something that would have any tangible impact on what he had just proposed.

A White House aide told reporters Trump had signed “a decision memo and letter transmitting legislative principles to Congress,” surrounding the privatization of the Air Traffic Control system, which he had just spent the last few minutes advocating for. But in order for his goal to come to fruition, Congress would need to pass legislation implementing it. Before Trump gave remarks Monday, White House officials had told reporters that the President is only dictating his legislative goals of separating air traffic controls from the FAA. Congress is not required to follow through on these goals.

Still yet, while Trump fake-signed a bill which doesn’t exist (yet, if ever), his team was behind him applauding the signing.

This isn’t the first time Trump did something like this but previously it was even worse. During a press conference, he said in mid-January, “These papers are just some of the many documents I’ve signed turning over complete and total control to my sons… They are not going to discuss [the business] with me. Again, I don’t have to do this. They’re not going to discuss it with me.”

The pages appear to be blank.

Trump’s signing event was as fake as his presidency.

Photo by Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images