Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Just Publicly Bashed Trump’s Travel Ban While She Was Defending It On TV

So the Conway marriage just took a turn – and Kellyanne, still doing the tv circuit to promote Trump’s latest lies, may not even know it yet.

While Kellyanne was busy going on cable to say Trump’s incoherent, dangerous tweets should be ignored and people should focus on his incoherent, dangerous actions instead, her husband had apparently reached a breaking point with the stupidity. On Twitter, he quoted the same idiotic tweets his wife was on TV defending and called them what they were: complete garbage.

George Conway’s Twitter account is not verified but reporters double-checked and it’s him.

George Conway is a high-profile lawyer. He knows the law. And he took one look at Trump’s tweets calling for a Muslim ban (Trump is back to calling it a “travel ban”) and said they probably just cost him the Supreme Court. Trump, in his rage-spiral, all but proved his ban was meant to exclude Muslims from certain Middle Eastern countries in the tweets. This, of course, is patently unconstitutional and discriminatory. The Supreme Court will likely use Trump’s tweets in deciding against his case. Nice going, Trump!

George Conway also recently took himself out of the running to be Trump’s latest nepotistic hire. He was originally considered to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Division. It seems apparent that he isn’t exactly Trump’s biggest fan.

Meanwhile, Kellyanne has been trying her best to defend her indefensible boss. Her husband isn’t helping matters. By telling the truth, George is hurting the one thing Kellyanne Conway can resort to: A fictional narrative where up is down and Trump is smart. And she was trying so hard to spin things this morning!

Dinner at the Conways tonight is going to be super awkward.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images