Hillary Responds To Trump’s London Failure And It’s Absolutely Perfect (TWEET)

Donald Trump’s reaction to the London terrorist attack could not have been more disgraceful. Not only did he use the incident to promote his extremely unconstitutional Muslim ban, but he trashed the London mayor and completely failed to send a message of solidarity or hope.

Thank goodness we still have Hillary Clinton, the overqualified Democratic presidential candidate who won the popular vote by millions. Despite losing the election to an undeserving orange man baby, Clinton has not abandoned Americans or the world, and continues to act far more presidential than the current moron we have in the White House.

Clinton also responded to the London attack, and it was a sharp reminder that we elected the wrong candidate. In her response on Twitter, Clinton showed everyone just how an American president should act, and just how much Trump falls short. She tweeted:

“After acts of unspeakable cruelty and cowardice, the people of London and the UK choose resolve over fear. Your friends in the US stand with you.”

Trump’s message was divisive, while Clinton sent out a call for unity and peace. At a time when Trump currently has a historically low 36% approval rating, it appears that America is admitting that the wrong person is in the White House.

This amazing message from Clinton is hardly surprising. During Trump’s abrasive presidential campaign, in which he attacked her nonstop for months, Clinton always remained classy, dignified, and focused on the job ahead. She was always there for the American people, and truly believed in the values this country was built on.

This tweet should be burned into the minds of every American when it comes time to vote in 2018 and 2020. America cannot afford to keep Trump in office, or to have another imbecile like him leading the country.

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