Fired Racist Breitbart Writer Says She Needs You To Pay Her Medical Bills, Smallest Violin Plays

While Londoners were coming together in a show of courage and compassion for the victims of a terror attack, an intrepid Breitbart writer decided it would be a good time to exploit the tragedy to promote her racist, white nationalist ideology.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, Katie McHugh tweeted:

Later, when a user pointed out that she was an idiot, she responded by dismissing him because he was “Indian.” (He was right, she was wrong. He is an Iranian-American actor. She really is an idiot.)

What followed was even more ranting about Muslims, a seemingly endless stream of hate directed at an entire religion which Katie loathes. Even by Breitbart’s standards, it was openly racist. CNN contacted several anonymous employees of the right-wing website and they expressed disgust in their coworker.

“I find it appalling,” one Breitbart employee told CNN.

“It’s a terrible comment,” another Breitbart employee told CNN, saying it was wrong to make a blanket statement about an entire religious group. “I would never write what she said.”

(Note: These employees shouldn’t get too much credit. How sad is it that they wanted their names to be hidden before they said something so straightforward as “racism is bad”?)

Things only got worse for McHugh as people went digging into her history of racism. She has been proudly boasting of her Islamophobia for years, including disgusting attacks like this one – also while she was employed at Breitbart:

One day later and Breitbart finally caved to the pressure and fired Katie for the bigoted remarks. (Like at Fox News, 2017 has been a bit of a bloodbath for Breitbart. Before this scandal, they were forced to fire their star personality, Milo Yiannopoulos for endorsing child rape.)

But in an added twist of hypocrisy, Katie has now launched a crowdfunding page (hosted by a white nationalist-run website “wesearchr”) in which she begs for handouts to make ends meet while she’s unemployed. The Breitbarter wants your welfare please!

The fact that she needs money to pay her medical bills is particularly rich coming from a Breitbart employee. The website ran relentless attack ads disguised as “news” to stop universal healthcare from happening. To this day, the site supports a repeal of Obamacare — the same insurance pool that would allow McHugh to have health insurance even if she can’t find a website to hire her after her racism went viral.

And naturally, McHugh is spinning her dismissal from Breitbart as a conspiracy to silence her conservative views.

McHugh wanted a raise for tweeting “there would be no deadly terror attacks… if Muslims didn’t live there.”

To quote an Iranian-American actor:

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