CNN Found The Perfect Way To Troll Trump’s Live Announcement Today (IMAGE)

Donald Trump may have been guilty in intentionally scheduled his first overseas trip to temporarily escape his Russia scandal just as things started really heating up. Unfortunately for Trump, now that he is back in the States, the investigation is once again catching up to him.

One thing Trump will regret during this whole Russia investigation is his volatile, tense relationship with the press. Thanks to his own abrasive personality, Trump has made many enemies with major networks, one of the main ones being CNN. Earlier today, CNN sent a pretty direct message to Trump, one that should scare him for the remainder of the investigation.

While CNN was covering Trump’s live White House event, where the POTUS was speaking about the “Air Traffic Control Reform Initiative”, CNN found the perfect opportunity to troll Trump. Using an on-air chyron, CNN promoted the explosive testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, which is only three days away. This graphic appeared throughout Trump’s announcement, as a reminder that Trump’s troubles are just beginning. You can see the chyron below:

CNN likely had a ball thinking of ways the network could troll Trump before settling on this. The Comey investigation was a perfect choice, though — without a doubt, Trump is practically sh*tting his pants over this, judging by the pattern of erratic tweets that have recently been sent out, as they always are whenever poor Donnie is stressed out about something.

It won’t be long before Trump finds out what CNN did during his event and lashes out in response. But no matter how much he attacks CNN and the media as a whole, it won’t help him in the Russia investigation, or make Comey’s testimony go away. Trump will finally have to face the music, and most of us cannot wait.

Featured image via Mark Wilson / Getty Images