Texas Super-Dolt Louie Gohmert SAVAGED For Licking Trump’s Boots Over London Response (TWEETS)

Trump is lighting the Internet on fire with his response to the London attack, and not in a good way. But, true to form, some Republicans are busy washing Trump’s boots with their tongues over what he said about London, and people aren’t liking that, either. Texas’ dumbest lawmaker, Louie Gohmert, appeared on Fox News to fawn over Trump’s response to London, and later tweeted how happy he is that Trump understands the seriousness of the problem and isn’t distracted by people trying to be politically correct.

Gohmert displayed his own sorry ignorance of the issues when he blasted liberals over our calls for better and more sensible gun regulations following mass shootings, saying that we’re hypocrites because we won’t call for bans on white vans and knives after the London attack. He also blasted the judges who have blocked Trump’s Muslim ban due to the fact that it’s obviously racist and will do nothing to stop terrorism here. He sides with Trump on the idea that we need the Muslim ban and that the courts have no right to block it (because Trump, as president, can do whatever he wants).

But he had to top his bootlicking off with this bit of blind devotion:

He wasn’t going to get away with that. As Twitter is wont to do, they piled on him and his ignorance of Trump’s complete lack of understanding of anything, as well as for refusing to censure the biggest exporter of Islamic terrorism there is.


Yep. How Gohmert got elected at all is a mystery. Having his head so far up Trump’s ass is just the latest in his long, sad string of completely moronic moves. But what can we expect from someone who can’t see the forest for the trees and refuses to even try?

Featured image by Mark Wilson via Getty Images