Nancy Pelosi Reacts To London Attack, Shows Trump How It’s Supposed To Be Done (DETAILS)

Donald Trump has been in office for several months now, and he still hasn’t figured out the proper way to respond to a terrorist attack. Trump demonstrated his idiocy to the world earlier this week when he responded to the terrorist attack in London by using the tragedy as an opportunity to promote his Muslim travel ban.

Trump got blasted on social media for his disgusting, insensitive response – but top Democrat Nancy Pelosi found the perfect way to slam Trump – by actually showing him how he SHOULD HAVE responded. Unlike Trump, Pelosi didn’t blame London’s Mayor or use it to promote any agenda. Her response was completely presidential and serves as a perfect example of how Trump should behave while completely humiliating him at the same time.

In a beautiful statement of solidarity, Pelosi said:

“Today, the American people stand in solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom, and share in the shock and outrage of this brutal attack. We send our thoughts and prayers to the fallen, the injured and those still waiting for news of their loved ones.”

“Terrorists will not succeed in dimming the strength and spirit of the people of the United Kingdom. Last night’s vile attack – the third act of terror to target the United Kingdom in three months – was met with courage and resilience from first responders and from civilian heroes who refused to be intimidated by violence and hatred.”

And unlike Trump, Pelosi reached out to our allies to send a message of unity instead of divisiveness:

“The United States will continue to proudly work side-by-side with the U.K. to defeat terrorist threats and defend the security of all peace-loving people.”

“May the people of the United Kingdom find solace in knowing that the American people stand with them during this difficult time.”

Hopefully, Trump will see Pelosi’s response and a light bulb will go off in his head, but we all know he’s incapable of learning from his mistakes so that’s not going to happen.

Pelosi’s response is the kind of reaction that we’d come to expect from our leaders, especially after having eight amazing years under former President Barack Obama. Unfortunately, we’ve gone in quite the opposite direction under Trump. Every time there is an incident, Trump further humiliates America and insults the world with his response.

Featured image via Alex Wong and Win McNamee/Getty Images