John Cleese NAILS Stupidity Of Trump’s London Tweets, Trump Fan Responds And Humiliates Himself

Monty Python’s John Cleese owned two idiots on Sunday. One of them was Donald Trump. The other was a Trump supporter. And it was hilarious.

On Saturday, terrorists struck in London and killed seven people. So, of course, Trump responded by posting divisive and fear mongering messages on Twitter in order to push for his pro-gun agenda and his travel ban.

That’s right. Trump actually used this tragedy to push his own agenda and then had the gall to attack London’s mayor as the city continues to deal with the aftermath.

Well, legendary actor and comedian John Cleese responded to Trump this afternoon by calling out Trump’s stupidity.

And shortly after Cleese posted, a confident Trump fan made his point for him for the whole world to see.

It didn’t take long for Cleese to proceed with the public humiliation.

Once again, John Cleese runs circles around Trump and his pathetically ignorant supporters.

Featured image via Molly Riley-Pool/Getty Images