Trump Immediately Politicizes London Tragedy On Twitter In A New Low Even For Him

Here’s a new low for America: During the unfolding tragedy in England, NBC announced that it would not be displaying the messages of Donald Trump, the President of the United States, because his tweets were spreading potential lies.

Trump decided the minutes after a possible terror incident in London would be a good time to retweet fear-mongering speculation from the right-wing conspiracy site Drudge Report. His action may have done one of two equally disgusting things: He either amplified the terror being spread by a terror attack (thereby doing the work of the terrorist) or he spread misinformation and rumors thereby needlessly scaring people because of his eagerness to exploit a tragedy.

Either way, people were appalled.

But Trump wasn’t done.

Rather than wait for the facts to come in, Trump immediately seized on the moment to renew his push for a Muslim ban in the United States. British officials hadn’t even confirmed the number of dead and wounded, and Trump was busy using the tragedy to promote his own bigoted policies an ocean away. It would take him three tweets before he got around to expressing concern for the victims.

Trump has been increasingly relying on unreliable right-wing conspiracy sites to get his information. As president, he regularly receives extremely detailed information about world events from experts in the intelligence community, but his animosity towards the officials in the FBI and CIA, and his general dislike of reading makes him often ignore the valuable intel. Instead, he chooses to get his information from Drudge, Fox News, and InfoWars. The right-wing media sites are notoriously unscrupulous. InfoWars, for example, endorsed the theory that the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged by Obama as a pretext to taking people’s guns. Drudge routinely gets facts wrong in its rush to promote fear and intolerance in its extremely right-wing audience.

Two hours later, Trump finally deleted the Drudge Report tweet – which puts him in an awkward position because it technically violates federal law to do so. His advisers might want to tell him that the best way to avoid that is by not spreading Drudge Report tweets in the first place.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images