Trump Just Bailed On His Own Pittsburgh Not Paris Rally, The Reason Why Is Infuriating

This week, Donald Trump disappointed the entire world by pulling out of the Paris climate deal. It was a decision that was condemned by several world leaders, and marked yet another way that Trump had ruined America’s standing as a global leader. To celebrate his horrible decision, Trump organized a “Pittsburgh not Paris” rally to celebrate America’s exit from the deal. There was just one major problem – Trump blew it off.

The Trump campaign had hyped up this event so much, and even organized it to be located right across the street from the White House – put Donnie wasn’t there. He bailed, and decided to play golf instead. So much for being a dedicated POTUS and showing his dwindling number of supporters that he appreciates them, as his approval ratings continue to plummet to historic lows.

The White House Press Pool told PoliticusUSA:

“After an uneventful ride along highways and byways toward Sterling, Virginia, motorcade pulled up to the Trump National Golf Club at 10:42 a.m.Motorcade split off and pool is now holding in a spectacular clubhouse overlooking indoor tennis courts.”

If any of Trump’s supporters still think Trump cared about and appreciated them, this is a pretty rude awakening. When Trump’s campaign announced the rally, it certainly sounded like Trump would actually be present. However, the event invitation was a little more cryptic. It said:

“As you know, the President has been under siege from the mainstream media and the Democrats, especially now that he put American jobs first by withdrawing from the Paris Accord. Therefore, we are organizing a group to demonstrate our support for President Trump and his fearless leadership.”

Either way, these Trump supporters expected Trump to be there, and he wasn’t because he was playing golf – his main hobby when he wants to avoid doing his job. Trump must know that his presidency is doomed, because blowing off a rally full of supporters when his popularity is suffering is a bold move. To make matters worse, this rally couldn’t have been more convenient – it was just across the street! And yet, Trump couldn’t be bothered.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images