Trump Holds ‘Pittsburgh, Not Paris’ Rally In D.C. After Being Told Pittsburgh Voted Hillary (VIDEO)

It’s like something out of a dystopian novel: Having just abandoned America’s leadership position in fighting climate change and realizing the move was deeply unpopular, Trump ordered a day of celebration – for himself. The event was titled “Pittsburgh, not Paris,” a reference to a line he used to justify pulling out of the Paris climate deal.

President Donald Trump’s campaign announced a “Pittsburgh, not Paris” rally across from the White House on Saturday to celebrate the United States’ withdrawal from a global climate agreement.

Here’s the twist: Trump is holding it in Washington D.C. not Pittsburgh. Why? Because he’s too scared to actually go to Pittsburgh and face the wrath of the people he just screwed over.

Hours after invoking the “Pittsburgh, not Paris” line, the mayor of Pittsburgh made it abundantly clear that the city hates Trump and found it disgraceful that they used their city’s name as a pretext to destroy the planet.

The president may carry around a little map of the election results, but he clearly doesn’t look at it very closely. Pittsburgh residents almost all voted against him. The industrial city is a steadfast Democratic stronghold. And in fact, one of the reasons it remains so Democratic is that it knows full well what happens when Republicans don’t hold factories and companies to environmental standards.

As Mayor Bill Peduto explained:

“Pittsburgh is the example. We were that city that China is like today where the smoke was so, filled the air so much, that the streetlights would stay on 24 hours.”

That legacy, and the willingness not to return to it, has led Pittsburgh and many other cities to announce that they will adhere to the environmental standards laid out by the Paris agreement — even if the president is too dim-witted to do so for the country-at-large. Mayor Peduto made his contempt for Trump’s actions abundantly clear on CNN:

Mayor Peduto’s comments and the knowledge that Pittsburgh hates Trump may have led him to schedule his “Pittsburgh” rally in a park next to the White House. There he can prevent people who disagree with him from coming and booing. Like everything Trump does, it was about image. People booing would have been a much more accurate depiction of where the country stands on Trump’s decision – everyone from policy experts to scientists to politicians to average Americans found Trump’s bankrupting of America’s role in fighting climate change to be disgusting and dangerous. Instead, like so many of these “campaign-style” rallies Trump holds, the thing will be one long exercise in vanity for the man who once claimed to be working “for the people.”

The symbolism of holding his anti-climate rally in the “swamp” of Washington D.C. is a bit on the nose.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images