Mexico Makes Toilet Paper Great Again As Americans Can Now Wipe Their A**es With Trump

Donald Trump is going to throw the mother of all temper tantrums when he learns about this.

If you are sick and tired of Trump and you need a way to take out your frustrations, you’ll be happy to know that Mexico has just the thing for you, and it’s not only useful, you’ll be helping people by purchasing it.

Antonio Battaglia originally meant the idea to be just a joke but now it’s catching on as a full-fledged product that is gaining in supply and demand.

Battaglia is a corporate attorney and while he isn’t giving up his day job, he will be involved in making sure the people of the world get his Trump toilet paper.

That’s right. You can now order toilet paper with Trump’s name on it, and all while knowing that your purchase will help the people Trump hates the most: Immigrants.

“I felt the need and obligation of raising my hand against such dangerous nonsense that was putting at risk my country and people,” Battaglia told Newsweek.

When Trump first announced his candidacy in 2015, he began by branding Mexico as a haven for murderers and rapists and promised to build a useless expensive wall to keep them out of the United States.

Trump effort to build his wall has stalled out, but his assault on immigrants continues on as his deportation squads roam the nation looking for innocent immigrants to bully and persecute.

Battaglia decided that his joke product could be put to better use as way to help immigrants in need.

“Once he won, we had to stop the fun approach and focus seriously on developing a product not based on a mockery but based on a response to an insult, based on helping migrants,” he said.

Indeed, every time someone buys the Trump toilet paper 30 percent of the profits will go to non-profit organizations that help immigrants.

So this is a good way for anti-Trump Americans to fight back against Trump’s policies while also telling him what they think about him.

The packaging even features a roll of toilet paper that looks like Trump and even mocks Trump’s wall.

And in another jab at Trump, Battaglia trademarked the word “trump” just for his products.

Battaglia went on to say how much he appreciates the American people and how much he loves the United States.

After all, he was brought to our country as a child and is a lawyer today because he was able to get an education here and return to Mexico to use his skills there.

“I am very grateful to U.S. people and feel strongly bounded to them,” Battaglia said. He hopes Americans will purchase the toilet paper to help them “overcome this daylight nightmare called Donald Trump.”

The operation is in the beginning stages but the toilet paper will soon be coming to a store near you. Be sure to get in line early, because Trump’s popularity is so low that demand is sure to outpace supply.

Featured Image: Facebook