White House Admits How Trump Made Paris Deal Decision, It’s Really Disturbing (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s disastrous decision to take the United States out of the Paris climate deal was met with loads of criticism, as this will have devastating consequences for the entire planet.

As several world leaders have already openly condemned Trump’s decision, the backlash is about to get a whole lot worse once every finds out just what motivated Trump to reach this decision. According to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, Trump made this decision based on one thing only, simplifying a complex matter to a kindergartener’s level of reasoning: whether it was “good or bad.” Pruitt told reporters at a press briefing:

“The discussions that the president and I have had over the last several weeks have been focused on one key issue. Is Paris good or bad for this country? The President and I focused our attentions there. He determined it was bad for this country, and hurt us economically. It didn’t achieve good environmental outcomes, and he made the decision to reject the Paris deal.”

We all knew Trump had the temperament of a child, but apparently, his decision-making process is just as bad. Trump has no idea what the hell he’s doing, and so he looks to others to give him over-simplified answers to serious issues that will have a massive impact on our world. Such matters shouldn’t require a yes/no, good/bad answer. They must be examined and carefully thought out – which Trump clearly has not taken the time to do.

With this decision, Trump has solidified the fact that America will no longer be a global leader, as other countries shun the United States thanks to its incompetent, orange dictator. Trump has proven that the only thing he is capable of is ruining things. He’s been extremely successful in devastating America, so now he is taking on the planet.

You can watch the White House report on Trump’s childlike decision-making process below:

Featured image via Pool/Getty Images