Ivanka Trump Gets RAILED For Daring To Claim She Supports LGBTQ Community While Her Bigoted Dad Is In Office

If Ivanka Trump really cares about the LGBTQ community she would not have supported her dad in the 2016 Election.

But she did, and that means any show of support she makes is meaningless.

Tone deaf as usual, Ivanka still posted a couple tweets on Thursday night in a weak effort to “honor” LGBTQ Americans.

And in order to prove her support, she claimed that she has LGBTQ friends.

It’s kinda like when a racist Republican claims they are not racist because they claim to have black friends.

Again, Ivanka supported her dad for president despite the fact that he picked anti-gay conservative Mike Pence as his vice-president. And let’s not forget that Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is also virulently anti-gay as are many other Trump officials.

The fact is that Trump’s administration represents the single greatest threat to the lives and freedom of LGBTQ Americans. And that’s exactly why Twitter users handed Ivanka her ass for daring to claim she supports them.

Just like when Ivanka claims to support women, she is once again being a hypocrite who says one thing while supporting the man who is making their lives a living hell. She is complicit as usual.

Featured Image: Sean Gallup/Getty Images