France’s President Threw AWESOME Shade At Trump After He Pulled Us From Paris Agreement

French President Emmanuel Macron wasted no time in condemning Trump for pulling the United States out of the Paris climate agreement. He signed a joint press release that included Italy and Germany saying the agreement will not be renegotiated, he blasted us later on his own during a press conference, and now he’s throwing shade at Trump on Twitter.

But Macron isn’t just attacking Trump over the Paris agreement. He’s also trolling Trump and his followers over their “Make America Great Again!” chant. What did he do? Check it out:

In a way, Macron began trolling Trump when he was in Europe last week. During a meeting, where he and Trump shook hands, it became a white-knuckled affair from which Trump tried twice to escape. Later on, Macron flatly admitted that his side of the handshake wasn’t innocent. It was to send Trump a subtle message that the world will not let him bully them into submission on anything.

One White House staffer, however, has something else to say about Trump’s pissing off our Western allies, and it’s not good. In fact, it’s patently disgusting:

Pressure from leaders abroad also backfired. One senior White House official characterized disappointing European allies as “a secondary benefit” of Trump’s decision to withdraw.

Trump can’t even correctly interpret a study from MIT that says, if all the signatories of the Paris agreement kept their pledges, global warming would slow by between. 0.6 degrees and 1.1 degrees Celsius by the year 2100. Trump, however, cited the study and claimed that it would only produce a 0.2 degree reduction in global temperature.

MIT doesn’t support Trump in his decision, either. Basically, nobody except people who are in love with and brainwashed by Donald Trump support his decision.

Featured image by Aurelien Meunier via Getty Images