Dan Rather: ‘We Haven’t Had A President This Psychologically Troubled’ In Decades (VIDEO)

Respected journalist Dan Rather appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell Thursday night and he had some harsh words about Donald Trump. The former CBS newsman even questioned whether or not Trump is mentally sound, saying that “we haven’t seen a president this psychologically troubled” in a very long time.

While discussing Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement and the reaction of world leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron, (who trolled Trump without beautifully), Rather said what we witnessed today was “a momentous moment and a very ominous moment.”

The legendary reporter then explained that he has some serious questions about Trump’s mental stability, especially after seeing his behavior while on his first trip abroad.

“He’s mad. He has some rage. He’s scared…He just came back from this European trip, and he was angry with the leader of Germany, Ms. Merkel, and the new leader of France. So what you have here is a president who is lashing out in anger. We haven’t had a president this psychologically troubled–I’m trying to use my language real carefully. We haven’t had a president this psychologically troubled in this way since at least Richard Nixon.”

You can watch Dan Rather’s interview here, via MSNBC:

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