Trump Pisses Off Yet Another World Leader With His Latest Broken Campaign Promise (TWEET)

Donald Trump continues to find even more ways to fail and fall back on all of the ridiculous promises he made during his presidential campaign – all while managing to piss off the rest of the world and cut ties with America’s allies.

Trump proved himself even more incompetent on Thursday, when he broke another campaign promise by granting a six-month waiver for a law that would move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. During his presidential campaign, Trump had sworn up and down that he would relocate the embassy “fair quickly” after he got into the White House and began his term. Like many of his other empty campaign promises, we are still waiting.

According to the Associated Press:

“Trump was facing a Thursday deadline to renew the waiver or see the State Department lose half its funding for its overseas facilities. Presidents of both parties have renewed the waiver every six months for years.”

This could not have pissed off Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu more, especially right after Trump already disrespected the Middle Eastern country during his first trip overseas, when he outed Israel as the source for his intelligence leak to Russia. After Trump issued this waiver, Netanyahu expressed his disappointment in a statement that was posted to Twitter:

Trump’s presidency is turning out to be nothing like what his supporters and the Republican Party thought it would be. Even those who were against him are taken back by how awful it’s actually turning out to be. He’s only a few months into his first (and only) term, and already most of Trump’s campaign promises have crumbled. Even the ones he’s tried to follow through with have been massive failures. Can we really take three and a half more years of this?!

Featured image via Sean Gallup / Getty Images