Pittsburgh Mayor Slaps Trump Down For Using Pittsburgh As A Reason To Destroy The Planet

The mayor of Pittsburgh had a few choice words for Donald Trump after he used the city as a reason to abandon the Paris Climate Agreement.

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” Trump said in defense of his decision to destroy the planet. Apparently, he doesn’t realize that Pittsburgh stands to lose just as much as Paris, or literally anywhere else on Earth for that matter.

Mayor Bill Peduto was quick to respond to Trump’s nonsense:

Once again, Trump is simply incapable of comprehending even the most fundamental of concepts. But I suppose that is par for the course when you are talking about someone who never learned that science is real. A total of 194 countries are now part of the Paris deal. The U.S. joins only two other nations who have chosen not to sign on. And even among those, America is the only one to abstain for such absurd reasons. Syria was not part of the agreement because they have been trapped in a bloody civil way. Nicaragua, on the other hand, refused to be a part of the deal because they didn’t think it went far enough.

Nancy Patton Mills, chairman of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee, echoed Peduto.

And Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, joined in to let Trump knew where she stood as well.

Featured image via Sean Gallup/Getty Images