U.S. Corporations Plead With Trump On Front Page Of NY Times: Don’t Abandon Paris Deal

Some of the biggest corporations in the United States have come together to beg Donald Trump not to abandon the Paris Climate Agreement and they did it on the front page of the New York Times.

“Dear President Trump,” they began. “As some of the largest companies based or operating in the United States, we strongly urge you to keep the United States in the Paris Agreement on climate change.”

“Climate change presents both business risks and business opportunities,” the open letter to Trump explained. “Continued U.S. participation in the agreement benefits U.S. businesses and the U.S. economy in many ways.” These include “strengthening competitiveness,” creating jobs, markets, and growth,” and “reducing business risks,”  the letter added, going into each point in detail.

The letter was signed by several of the biggest companies in America, including Adobe, Apple, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Danfoss, Facebook, Gap, Inc., Google, The Hartford, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Ingersoll Rand, Intel Corporation, Johnson Controls, Levi Strauss & Co., Mars Incorporated, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, National Grid, PG&E Corporation, Royal DSM, Salesforce, Schneider Electric, Tiffany & Co., Unilever, and VF Corporation all signed on to the open plea.

The letter was also published in several other major newspapers throughout the country.

“As businesses concerned with the well-being of our customers, our investors, our communities, and our suppliers, we are strengthening our climate resilience, and we are investing in innovative technologies that can help achieve a clean energy transition. For this transition to succeed, however, governments must lead as well,” the coporations said to Trump.

“U.S. business is best served by a stable and practical framework facilitating an effective and balanced global response. The Paris Agreement provides such a framework. As other countries invest in advanced technologies and move forward with the Paris Agreement, we believe the United States can best exercise global leadership and advance U.S. interests by remaining a full partner in this vital global effort,” the letter concluded.

Trump has gone back and forth on whether or not to pull the United States out of the climate deal. Axios announced that it was a done deal and Trump would be withdrawing from the agreement. But the New York Times reported on Tuesday that Trump is once again on the fence about the matter and has been influenced by the negative response from big businesses urging him not to abandon the deal.

Featured image via Olivier Douliery – Pool/Getty Images