New Poll Is DEVASTATING News For Trump – It’s Worse Than His Slipping Approval Rating

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll is out, and it shows that Trump’s approval rating among registered voters is continuing to occupy the dregs of presidential approval ratings. It was conducted during his allegedly successful foreign trip, showing that pretending to be presidential by traveling abroad for conferences and summits didn’t serve to impress voters.

What’s worse (better?), though, is the number of people who want him impeached. That number jumped five points over the last week. One week ago, only 38 percent of voters wanted to see him impeached. Morning Consult’s founder and chief researcher, Kyle Dropp, says:

“If President Trump was hoping his foreign trip would shift the conversation away from scandals, he may be out of luck… Over the last week, support for beginning impeachment proceedings among voters rose from 38 percent to 43 percent.”

While it’s true that most Democrats want to see Trump impeached, and most Republicans don’t want to see him impeached, the fact that this number is rising shows just how growing segments of America view Trump as unfit to serve. In fact, of those who want Trump impeached, a majority see Trump as “unfit to serve and should be removed from office, regardless of whether he committed an impeachable offense or not.”

Trump went to Europe and made complete fools out of us by calling Germany “bad, very bad,” and threatening to cut off German cars, despite the fact that most German cars sold here are built here. He literally shoved Montenegro’s prime minister out of his way, he scolded our NATO allies like a bunch of children over something he does not understand, and he’s withdrawing us from the Paris climate agreement.

Couple that with his ongoing obsession with the media—including continuing to call them “the enemy” because they keep calling him out on his stupidity and his lies—and his sheer comfort with being a lying ignoramus on the world stage, and yes. He’s wholly unfit to serve.

Congress probably won’t bow to any political pressure on this. Trump’s list of impeachable offenses (like obstructing an official investigation a la Richard Nixon) has to be extensive and inexcusable for the GOP-controlled Congress to draw up articles of impeachment. But when they find themselves backed into that corner, they’ll have to listen to the growing public outcry this poll demonstrates.

Featured image by Aaron P. Bernstein via Getty Images