Republican Congressman Is Currently Standing On His Office Roof To Avoid His Voters Below

The mental exhaustion of being a member of the Republican Party is clearly getting to its politicians. Last week, the (now) Republican congressman of Montana bodyslammed a reporter who asked him for comment on the CBO’s devastating assessment of the Republican healthcare bill. This week, Darrell Issa (R-CA) is standing on the roof of his district office. He won’t come down.

The mental break happened after constituents began showing up at his office to ask him, among other things, about his support for the AHCA which will result in 23 million people losing health insurance. He reportedly spoke with the voters for a few minutes before retreating back into the building.

When he re-emerged he was standing on the roof.

Republicans are finding it more and more difficult to defend their actions. Trump, and the party he leads, have begun systematically dismantling many of the programs, reforms, and regulations that have protected Americans and the environment from depredation. Many of the assaults on the country have been done in the name of tax cuts which will disproportionately help the richest people, leaving the poor and middle class with even less than they have now. It’s hard to justify that.

Adding to the GOP’s troubles, their leader is a mentally unstable child whose incompetence is matched only with the apparent corruption running through his administration. Every day more information leaks out about wrongdoing in the Trump White House. And every day, guys like Darrell Issa are forced to defend Trump and further destroy their reputations.

So we have a congressman standing on his rooftop refusing to come down, something that would be beyond parody if it hadn’t already been explored in comedy.

Republican voters need to take a good hard look at who is representing them in Congress. There aren’t a lot of things to be proud of. And quite a bit to be completely ashamed of.

Featured image via Twitter