Even Angela Merkel’s Top Political Rival Is Livid With Trump – SLAMS His Treatment Of Her

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is up for reelection in September, and she’s locked in a pretty tight race against Martin Schulz, the former president of the European Parliament. Following the G7 summit, where Trump’s childish arrogance was on full display, Schulz simply shredded Trump for his treatment of Merkel:

“Election campaign or no election campaign, in this situation let me be entirely clear: the chancellor represent all of us at summits like these. And I reject with outrage the way this man takes it upon himself to treat the head of our country’s government. That is unacceptable.”

It is, but it’s hard to expect Trump to understand that at this point. In his mind, he’s the most important person ever to walk the planet. As such, he was, more or less, a complete asshole during his visit to Europe. He called Germany—who, up until now, was our most powerful European ally—“bad, very bad,” for their trade policies. He said that German sells millions of cars in the U.S. and implied that we get nothing from it, so it is going to stop. He proved with those statements that he has no idea that German automakers actually employ thousands of U.S. workers inside U.S. borders.

Trump had the gall to castigate NATO, too, for allegedly freeloading off the U.S. as though we make up for the money they aren’t spending (in truth, that two percent mark that NATO allies are supposed to reach refers to the percentage of their individual GDPs they need to commit to their national defenses). He also yelled at them for the cost of their new headquarters, almost acting as though we paid for it without voting for it.

For her part, Merkel has since said that Germany (and probably NATO) can’t rely on us as a partner anymore. That’s a dangerous position for us to be in – Trump is throwing away everything we’ve worked towards with Europe because he’s a dickbag.

Elsewhere, he showed his total asshattery by shoving the prime minister of Montenegro aside to get to the front of a photo op. His body language there read, “Do you know who I am?” according to one body language expert who analyzed his postures during that and two other incidents at the summit.

Those other two incidents involve French President Macron. The first is when Macron arrived in Italy – as he was walking towards the leaders who were already there, Trump stuck his hands out to greet him, but Macron veered toward Merkel to greet her first. He greeted two other leaders before making it to Trump, who then yanked him toward him as though to show him who was boss.

Then there was the now-famous “white-knuckled handshake” with Macron, who admitted that wasn’t totally innocent. He wanted to show Trump that France, and by extension, Europe, would not allow Trump to bully them.

Some have interpreted Schulz’s comments as an attack on Merkel—he did appear to also say that she shouldn’t have allowed Trump to treat her the way he did—but the bottom line is this: When someone’s chief political rival takes their side against someone else, that someone else has royally screwed up.

Featured image by Olivier Douliery Pool via Getty Images