Twitter EXPLODES As Tortured Snowflake Trump Starts Blocking People For Making Him Sad (TWEETS)

Donald Trump regularly takes a beating on Twitter, the home of his poorly-spelled, nonsensical ravings. But since he’s the President, he’s above pettiness and respects dissenting opinions and facts, right? Wrong.

While The Donald’s pea-brained followers regularly call anyone who has a problem with their racism and hatred “snowflakes” (a term that ironically refers to someone who was opposed to the abolition of slavery, something Trump fans want to bring back) it seems that the term now applies to Donald Trump in two ways — the original meaning, and the new one thrown around by idiots who think  it sounds clever (see below):

Trump’s feelings apparently were hurt by comedy writer Bess Kalb, who found that the leader of the free world had blocked her:

Naturally, Kalb is devastated (not really):

But what could have so damaged Trump that he would block Kalb? This.

Yes, that’s it. She poked fun at his embarrassing trips abroad, his efforts to avoid serving in the military, and of course the idea of President Pence (shudder) taking over.

Kalb took a moment to put this all into perspective, noting that “our president took more time to address a girl making fun of him on Twitter than the domestic terrorist who fatally stabbed 2 heroes.”

Of course others on Twitter share Kalb’s feeling of devastation — mainly because she’s seemingly always there to mock The Donald and this block represents a huge hole in their lives:

Trump’s decision to block Kalb for hurting his feelings leaves the rest of us wondering what we’re doing wrong.

Featured image via US Navy/screengrab