Trump BUSTED Giving The Middle Finger To Italy’s Prime Minister (VIDEO)

If you didn’t already think Donald Trump embarrassed our country at the G7 summit in Sicily, wait till you see this.

Like a 12-year-old whose mommy told him he can’t buy the new gold-plated, diamond-encrusted fidget spinner, Trump flipped a world leader “the bird” with an age-old “I’m going to pretend to scratch my face” move that has never fooled a single person.

After Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni greeted his peers with a friendly “Buongiorno,” Trump wasted no time in being a complete dick to him.

Gentiloni looked at Trump like he was a petulant child with whom the adults in the room were forced to deal, then continued speaking.

Recently, the Prime Minister encouraged Trump to accept more refugees fleeing violence and to devote some money to rescue efforts in the Mediterranean Sea — something that seems to have irritated Trump.

Watch it happen below:

Featured iamge via screengrab