‘Portal To Hell’: The Internet Loses It Over Mysterious Red Lights Flashing Inside The White House

Earlier this month, a sinkhole opened up outside of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and that happened just after the alleged president placed his tiny hands on a glowing globe, along with Saudi Leaders. Then, last night red lights began illuminating from the White House for almost 20 minutes starting at about 8:30 p.m. TV cameras caught footage of the phenomena.


We’re just glad it didn’t happen at 6:66 o’clock. It’s possible the strobes were sent in Morse code as a scream for help, but on the other hand, Melania might be in New York City so who knows because the Secret Service offered no comment on the cause of the strobing red lights.

Here’s another view via Fox 5 Atlanta: 

One Twitter user wondered if the former reality show star stole the orb.

“Either Jared and Ivanka are playing laser tag, or Steve Bannon recited an incantation that opened a portal to hell,” another Twitter user wrote.

Or it could be Jared Kushner’s shredder machine overheating.

Or maybe Trump ran out of Twinkies.

Another possibility: Trump could be playing laser tag.

Or they’re busting out some dance moves in the White House.

Trump is tweeting again!

“It has escaped.”

We’re hoping this Twitter user is correct and the White House is testing out the Vacancy sign.

Or this?

Many Twitter users are saying it’s the orb. Not me, but many people are saying that. Believe me.

Another Twitter user speculated that someone fed Steve Bannon after midnight.

It’s a signal to Putin.

Conspiracy site Infowars (I’m not linking to them, k? I just can’t do it) thinks Twitter users are acting conspiratorial. Because the Internet is totally not mocking Trump’s insane administration, right? Infowars says “anti-Trumpers have been triggered.” Well, Infowars, you seem a bit triggered over people having fun. Also, keep those apologies from Alex Jones coming that he was forced to make after losing in court over the conspiracy theories he circulated.

We think it’s a sign that Kellyanne Conway is crawling out of her crypt again. IDK…

Image via screen capture.