Confused Old Man Forgets He’s At Arlington Cemetery, Thinks He’s At A Baseball Game (VIDEO)

Donald Trump showed up at Arlington National Cemetery to give the Memorial Day address, but things got a bit weird when the National Anthem played.

As others stood with their hands over their hearts or saluting — a sign of respect for our fallen soldiers — Trump apparently became confused, thought he was at a baseball game, and began emphatically belting out the lyrics with a smile on his face as the music to the National Anthem played.

You know who wasn’t smiling? Literally everyone who watched Trump spit in the face of people who lost their lives serving our country.

Recently, Trump became confused during a press conference with Israeli war criminal, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and “wandered off.” He had to have someone fetch him and bring him back.

It is unclear if Trump has inherited his father’s Alzheimer’s disease or if he is feeling the strain of his impending impeachment and possible imprisonment (his tweets make it clear that the Russia investigation is getting to him)  — maybe he just is completely unwilling to show respect — but one thing is clear: something is very clearly wrong here.

Featured image via screengrab