Angela Merkel Brilliantly Trashed Trump Yesterday, And His Response Is Beyond Pathetic (DETAILS)

Yesterday, Donald Trump visited Brussels and met with several top leaders of the European Union. As expected, he completely blew it and humiliated America once again.

Earlier that day, German leader Angela Merkel had spoken at NATO HQ, where she took a shot at Trump when she said it wasn’t the “building of walls that makes us successful.” Merkel and Trump already have a rocky relationship, as America’s unworthy POTUS has publicly disrespected Merkel several times. Trump had responded by criticizing NATO for not putting enough money toward defense, but apparently he didn’t get it all out of his system. While in Brussels, Trump continued to lash out at Merkel with his usual childish behavior and went off on a disgusting rant against the Germans.

German publication Der Spiegel reported that as Trump spoke to EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk, Trump further damaged America’s standing with Germany by saying this:

“The Germans are bad, very bad.”

Trump also promised to put an end to German car sales in the United States:

“Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US, and we’ll stop that.”

Junker tried to explain to incompetent Trump that free trade was beneficial, and EU attendees expressed concern that Trump actually had no idea how EU trade agreements actually worked, and that America couldn’t isolate Germany in negotiations.

Overall, Trump’s statements about Germany were extremely embarrassing and a pathetic response driven by Trump’s fragile ego. It couldn’t be more clear that Trump has no idea what he’s doing as POTUS, and has even less awareness about how America’s relations with other parts of the world really work. Every time he meets with world leaders, he shames our country and his first overseas trip couldn’t be better proof of that.

Featured image via Sean Gallup / Getty Images