Watch Trump Shove Foreign Leader Out Of The Way So He Can Get In Front Of Photo Op (VIDEO)

Donald Trump met with the other members of NATO and it did not go well. From the moment he arrived, Trump appeared eager to take the spotlight and never give it up. The need to have attention reached a natural climax when Trump actually shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of the way so he could take center stage in a photo op.

It was an embarrassing capstone to Trump’s rocky first trip abroad. Treated like royalty in Saudi Arabia — a strongarm theocracy which restricts the press and women from public engagement – Trump seemed the mark the country as the high point of his travels. Things went down hill from there, implicating himself in a classified intelligence leak while in Israel and then getting repeatedly upstaged by the Pope in the Vatican. And yet his final leg, a meeting with NATO, looks to be the one he’s least comfortable in.

After spending the 2016 campaign bashing his European counterparts and promising his supporters that he would be the bold, tough leader that Republicans insisted Obama was not, Trump arrived to the event only to find that he was the dullest tool in the shed. Making matters worse, everybody seemed to know it. Nobody was taking him seriously.

During his speech, Trump slammed the member states of the organization for not paying what he considers their “fair share,” the looks on their faces ranged from mortified to embarrassed to on the verge of laughter.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose disdain for Trump is well-known, seemed to barely be able to contain her expression of sorrow that this is what America’s presidency had been reduced to.

Clearly rattled, Trump’s power move was to shove the PM of Montenegro and stand at the front for pictures. Appearance was everything. Unfortunately, watching the man some say has a much too comfortable relationship with Russia physically bully the head of state for a country that Putin is actively signalling aggression towards was not a good look.

Watch Trump’s speech below:

Featured image via Twitter