Trump Stunned As Pope Calls Him Fat To His Face (VIDEO)

For a man who has spent his entire life fat-shaming women, bulbous orange blob Donald Trump is certainly a little…let’s just say “plump.”

Many Americans noticed that that the same guy who feels  J. Lo’s “ass is too fat” and who told Chris Christie to stop eating Oreos because of his massive size also spends his time stuffing his face filled with well-done steaks slathered with ketchup and bucketfuls of fried chicken and gave him a taste of his own medicine during the election — and now even the Pope is joining in on the fun.

As BLOATUS was meeting with Pope Francis, the latter joked through a translator to Melania, “What do you give him to eat, potizza?”

Potizza is a Slovenian pasty that is loaded with sugar, butter, ricotta cheese, and other fattening ingredients (it it also delicious). Basically, it is the equivalent of someone in America asking her if she shovels cheeseburgers down his gullet all day.

Naturally, this was not lost on the fine people of Twitter:

At this point, Trump is so mockable that even the Pope, who is normally reserved in his remarks, is just throwing his hands in the air and saying “f*ck it.”

Watch it below — the look on Trump’s face as he seems to “get” the joke is priceless:

Featured image via screengrab