Trump Signs Huge Saudi Arms Deal

Over the weekend, President Trump signed a massive $109 billion deal selling weapons to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has been recently accused of war crimes in Yemen.

The arms agreement, negotiated by his son-in-law Jared Kushner, is the biggest of its kind in US history. It’s the first stage of a $350 billion commitment over 10 years, which will supply Saudi Arabia with some of America’s most advanced and destructive weapons systems.

Missile Defense and More

The terms of the deal cover everything from fighter jets to tanks, with a special focus on America’s cutting edge THAAD “missile shield.” THAAD has been in the news recently as Trump insisted that South Korea owed America $1 billion for deploying the system at the North Korean border.

Trump reportedly negotiated a massive discount on cutting-edge fighter jets in order to get Saudi Arabia to sign on to the agreement.

Also part of the arms sale are some of the world’s most advanced stealth attack ships, which were designed and built as part of America’s ongoing effort to revamp the Navy.

Saudi Arabian War Crimes Against Children

Aside from the obvious hypocrisy of arming the Saudis, who regularly commit human rights abuses against women, racial minorities, and homosexuals living in the country, the deal has come under fire for Saudi Arabia’s recent war crimes in Yemen.

One of the largest abuses that Saudi Arabia is accused of in Yemen are crimes against children. A report by global nonprofit Save the Children details Saudi bombings of schools and children’s hospitals.

In 2016, former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon briefly included Saudi Arabia on its yearly Human Rights Blacklist. The country was removed from the list shortly after due to immediate complaints from the Saudi government. The decision met criticism at the time from groups like Amnesty International.

Photo by Mark Wilson via Getty Images.