Trump Falls Flat On His Face In Israel, Doesn’t Know He’s In The Middle East (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has made a habit of embarrassing America in front of other world leaders, but on Monday he outdid himself.

Kicking the week off, Trump outed Israel for being the source of intelligence information that he’d given to Russia – a move that disgusted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, he was far from done ruining America’s reputation. As he spoke in Israel, Trump stated that he’d just gotten back from the Middle East, completely oblivious to the fact that Israel is actually IN the Middle East. Trump said:

“Our Secretary of State has done a great job. We just got back from the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and we were treated incredibly well.”

It’s almost too ridiculous to be true, but then again, what else can we expect from Trump? You can watch the incident below, and pay attention to the reaction of Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer, who tries to disguise a very obvious facepalm by running his fingers through his hair.

It doesn’t get much more humiliating than this. Already, the White House has had to defend several of Trump’s mistakes during his international tour, citing “exhaustion” as the primary excuse for his pathetic performance (it’s only been a few days). However, we all know that Trump is actually THAT dumb and doesn’t know anything about other countries or how the world works.

One can only imagine how hard everyone in the room had to concentrate to avoid correcting or laughing at Trump after such an insane f*ckup. Trump has proven, once again, that America’s current president is a joke, and no one can take him seriously.

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video