Trump Denies Leaking Israeli Source, Confirming Source Is Israeli On International Television (VIDEO)

Trump’s third day across seas may end up being his most devastating. Sitting down with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump opened his mouth and immediately started blundering his way into an international incident.

As the pair of world leaders sat down, Trump seemed to want to get something off his chest that had been bothering him. Last week, it was reported that Trump had leaked classified intelligence about ISIS to the Russians during their closed-door meeting in the Oval Office. Trump’s White House frantically denied it before eventually conceding it had happened, but claimed it wasn’t that big of a deal. Then news came that it was an Israeli spy that Trump had just exposed by his careless leak.

And now Trump, sitting in Israel, wanted to make one thing clear: He never shared the part about the source being Israeli. He said this on international television.

That’s, uh, a pretty stunning admission. The implications were immediately clear to everyone but Trump. Trump may as well have just confirmed that it was an Israeli informant. The spy is likely to face death if caught by ISIS, who now, thanks to Trump’s internationally broadcast statement, know to look for one.

His hamfisted “non-denial denial” is textbook Trump. The initial report never claimed that Trump divulged the nationality of the spy. His denial of doing so is fighting a point that nobody was trying to make. It wasn’t that he gave away the source (until now), it’s that he handed over information to the Russians which their intelligence community could use to track down the source.

Trump is beleaguered by so many scandals and lies he likely cannot remember what his position is on any of them. It may help explain why he constantly contradicts himself and his staff when it comes to which lie he plans on using to defend himself. White House aides have told reporters that nobody wants to go on television to defend him anymore because he so quickly changes his stories that anything they say will be exposed as a complete lie within hours.

Meanwhile, Trump seems oblivious to even a basic level of competency. Leaking intel to the Russians while bragging in the Oval Office is bad. Confirming the source of the intel was Israeli while sitting next to the Israeli prime minister is a whole new level of bad.

Featured image via Twitter