Trump Defies Courts, Refuses To Release Guiliani Memo Proving Intent To Ban Muslims

Donald Trump has repeatedly shown that he has zero respect for the independent judiciary. Every time a judge rules in a way he dislikes, he attacks the judge, the court system, and claims that he is the victim of some kind of political witch hunt. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that he has flat-out refused to hand over a key memo, drawn up by mega Trump fan and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

We all remember how Giuliani went on Fox News and admitted that Trump had asked him to find a way to keep the oft-touted campaign promise of banning Muslims — but, of course, to make sure whatever order they came up with to do that passed Constitutional muster. Given these damning words, it’s no surprise that Trump doesn’t want a judge to see the memo that Giuliani drew up for him. The American Civil Liberties Union is taking Trump’s lawlessness on, though. Miriam Aukerman, Senior Staff Attorney for the ACLU of Michigan, says of the situation:

“If, as the administration claims, the Executive Order is not a Muslim Ban, then why is the administration refusing to turn over the Giuliani memo? What is in that document that the government doesn’t want the court to see?”

The ACLU, along with several state Attorneys General and other civil rights organizations have sued Trump and his government over the obvious discrimination, and it is pretty clear that they are not done fighting.

Trump was supposed to have that memo to a judge in Detroit by May 19, and it has yet to materialize. We all know why — Trump’s Executive Order is most definitely a Muslim ban, and that memo will show it. Hell, I don’t know who they think they are fooling here. Giuliani himself admitted that this is what Trump had asked him to do. We also, of course, have Trump’s own words to prove exactly what the intent is here as well.

Trump is quickly learning that no one is above the law in this nation — not even the so-called “president.”

Featured image via Michael Reynolds/Getty Images