White House Staff Hiding From Reporters

Word has gone out through the White House that anyone caught speaking with reporters is as good as gone, according to reports that have come out today.

Staffers are making themselves scarce, not answering their phones, and keeping their heads down. According to senior aides, some staffers are literally hiding in their offices and refusing to come out while the White House press corp is around. This comes in the wake of startling revelations that President Trump leaked Israeli intelligence to the Russians during a closed-door meeting last week.

Morale is Low and Falling

“Do not ask me about how this looks, we all know how this looks,” a senior White House aide told The Daily Beast earlier this week.

Those sentiments, implying that Trump is obviously guilty of collusion and mishandling classified information, have driven morale even lower.

It’s especially ironic, given how vocal President Trump was during the campaign, hammering Secretary Clinton over and over again for her allegedly poor handling of classified emails. Now that the tables have turned, White House staffers are losing faith in the administration.

Heads are Gonna Roll

Part of the problem with morale stems from Trump’s leadership, or lack thereof. He’s notorious for shifting blame and firing whoever sticks their heads up at the wrong time. In part, because Trump doesn’t seem to be able to take responsibility for his own actions.

None of that will surprise anyone paying attention to his disastrous administration, and it’s not news to White House staffers either.

They’re waiting for the fallout, to see who will be blamed for Trump’s latest mess and whose head will roll in response to the latest news. Until it becomes apparent which way the wind is blowing, smart staffers are in hiding.

That speaks to huge problems within the administration. The lack of trust, and fear of raising the ire of President Trump sounds more like an abusive household than a presidential administration.

Photo by Win McNamee via Getty Images