Trump’s Ghostwriter Issues DIRE Warning About His Dangerous Current Mental State (VIDEO)

Tony Schwartz is a man who knows Donald Trump well. He spent nearly two years glued to Trump’s side as they wrote Trump’s famous book, The Art of the Deal. During this time, Schwartz learned some very disturbing things about Trump’s broken personality, and for this reason, felt deep remorse for helping to make Trump as famous as he is.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Schwartz tirelessly warned America that this man was dangerous, that he had no conscience, that he had no soul, that he would be gravely dangerous as president. Now that a Trump presidency has come to pass, and the Trump White House is mired in deep scandal, Schwartz is speaking out again, to warn the nation and world about Trump’s dangerous mental state.

Schwartz has written a piece in the Washington Post explaining Trump’s recent behavior, who the man is, his current state of mind, and the impulsive and dangerous actions that are sure to come.

On Wednesday evening, Schwartz appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. He told host Anderson Cooper of Trump’s likely mental state regarding the series of blows and events relating to the incompetence of his administration, and especially the Trump/Russia collusion investigation:

“I think he’s reacting from a survival place. He’s in pure defensive mode. I think that he’s being run by the part of his brain that’s reactive and impulsive, not capable of reflection.”

“The sense of siege that he feels because his sense of self-worth is so, so vulnerable that the series of things that have happened are overwhelming to him.”

In other words, right now, Trump is like a caged animal who is feeling attacked, and he is not thinking clearly at all. It’s pure impulse and reaction. Trump is dangerously impulsive on a good day. There’s no telling what he is capable of when he is feeling this attacked and aggrieved.

These are dangerous times, America. The man who is supposedly leading us is desperate and unhinged. Hopefully, someone in a position to do something about him steps up, for the good of the nation and the world.

Watch Tony Schwartz’s remarks below:

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images