Trump Viciously Attacks Reporter For Cornering Him, Denies Telling Comey To Leave Flynn Alone (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is back to shutting down reporters for trying to get to the bottom of his lies and scandals.

Earlier today, Trump gave an absolutely disastrous press conference in the wake of his Russia scandal blowing up over the last several days. During the press conference, Peter Baker from The New York Times tried to get Trump’s insight into the investigation of Michael Flynn, and Trump basically lost it and had a meltdown. Baker started off by priming Trump:

“In the light of a very busy news week, a lot of people would like to get to the bottom of a couple of things — give you a chance to go on record here.”

Trump had somehow avoided any questions about Russia and Flynn until that moment, and everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for what would come next. Baker continued:

“Did you at any time urge former FBI director James Comey in any way shape or form to close or to back down the investigation into Michael Flynn?”

Trump’s response was nothing but cowardly, as he interrupted Baker and barely waited for the reporter to finish his sentence. Trump snapped back at Baker:

“No! No! Next question.”

Baker then asked Trump if he thinks he’s done anything that could be “worthy of criminal charges or impeachment.” Trump responded:

“I think it is totally ridiculous. Everybody thinks so.”

Obviously, Trump is ignoring the fact that most Americans want him the hell out of the White House, and believe he’s guilty. You can watch Trump lash out at Baker below:

Clearly, Trump has no intention of mending his relationship with the press.

Featured image via Mark Wilson / Getty Images