Kushner Begs Trump To Attack Special Counsel

This morning President Trump called for a meeting of his inner circle in order to figure out how to respond to yesterday’s news that a special prosecutor has been appointed by the FBI.

Reportedly, he called together Steve Bannon, Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus, and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. At the meeting, Mr. Kushner begged the president to go on the attack, pleading with him to “fight back” against special prosecutor and former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Trump Takes to Twitter

Immediately after the meeting, Trump took to Twitter to start trying to discredit Mueller, whining about how unfair it was that his corrupt presidency is being investigated.

He referred to unnamed “illegal acts” in the Obama administration without clarifying what he might have meant.

Trump’s strategy, as it always is, seems to be to attack everyone else for his incompetence. Unfortunately Mr. Mueller is widely respected by both parties, so Trump may find it hard to make his smears stick.

GOP operative Rick Wilson immediately recognized how much trouble Trump is in. He was joined by the Republican rank and file, who are losing patience in a hurry.

Attack Strategy Taking Shape

President Trump seems to agree with his son-in-law that the best way out of this mess it to go on the offensive. Reportedly, word has gone out to all Trump surrogates to start discrediting the messenger since they can’t attack the message.

Whether or not this strategy will work remains to be seen, but administration officials have already gotten their marching orders.

Sources say that Sean Spicer, who has been absent from his podium since yesterday, is being briefed extensively about the president’s plan for replying to these allegations. This is reportedly his last chance with the administration, and “if he doesn’t play ball, he’s out.”

Photo by Win McNamee via Getty Images.