Jason Chaffetz Prepares To Run For The Hills As The Russia Probe Heats Up (DETAILS)

Earlier this year, Jason Chaffetz, the House Oversight Chairman who carried around a two year obsession when it came to investigating Hillary Clinton, suddenly shocked Washington when he announced that he will not run for another term in Congress in 2018. Now that the probe into Trump’s ties to Russia is getting too hot for a lot of Republicans to handle, it is being reported that Chaffetz won’t even finish his term. In fact, according to Politico, he could be gone by June 30.

Now, this development comes just one day after former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been named as a special counsel into the Russia probe. This is most curious, seeing how just last year, Chaffetz showed the world just how much he likes investigating people. In fact, he once said he had years of investigations lined up for Hillary, had she won the presidency. However, now that it’s his guy in the Oval Office, Chaffetz suddenly has no interest in sticking around to see this thing through to the end.

Could it be that Chaffetz knows that Trump’s days are numbered, and he doesn’t want to be around with the rest of the Republicans who are ending their careers by keeping their wagons firmly hitched to the disaster that is Donald Trump? Or, could it be that Chaffetz himself knows more than he is letting on? After all, it just leaked that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Speaker Paul Ryan knew that Trump was being paid by the Russians and tried to cover it up.

This scandal could be coursing through the entire Republican Party, and by the time we get to the bottom of it all, they might all find themselves on the wrong side of the law and going down in flames.

Good going, GOP. You see what you’ve done to your party and to the nation by backing the treasonous Trump? If the rest of you had any sense, you’d be resigning before the shit hits the fan just like Jason Chaffetz.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images