GOP Senator Says Flynn Stonewalling Russia Investigation

According to Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Michael Flynn is not willing to cooperate with the committee’s investigation into Russian interference in American elections.

In an interview with Capitol Hill press on Thursday, Burr told reporters that Flynn’s attorneys “have not yet indicated their attentions” to comply with a subpoena, despite the fact that is only “a day or two left” before Flynn will be forced to produce documents and testimony or be held in contempt.

Burr Makes a Careful Statement

Senator Burr was careful to couch his words to maintain an impartial stance, but reporters present said that the senator was clearly upset by Flynn’s disregard for the investigation.

Burr initially said that Flynn wasn’t going to comply with the subpoena, but walked that statement back in order to make it clear that there was still time for his lawyers to reach out to the committee if they chose to do so.

Flynn himself has declined to comment on the investigation altogether, although his son, Michael Flynn Jr. has been talking on Twitter.

No Chance of Immunity

Refusing to comply with this subpoena will all but disqualify Flynn from the immunity he sought last month, when his lawyer went on Twitter to beg multiple investigations to consider offering it to his client.

Immunity from prosecution typically follows a clearly defined legal path, where the guilty party first meets with prosecutors and tells them everything he knows in a sealed session, which gives them time to consider making a deal. This is called a ‘proffer session’ and Flynn has shown no willingness to do it.

Instead, it appears as though Flynn and his attorneys expect the senate committee to blindly trust that Flynn has something meaningful to say in exchange for immunity.

Judging by Burr’s response, the senators aren’t biting, and they’re starting to lose their patience.

Photo by Mario Tama via Getty Images.