Vicente Fox Brilliantly Trolls Trump’s Disastrous Week; It’s Glorious

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has never been a fan of Donald Trump. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he routinely went after Trump’s disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants, and infamously said that Mexico would not “pay for that f**king wall.”

Now, President Fox is using Trump’s own favorite platform – Twitter – to troll him over the absolute incompetence coming out of the White House and indeed from Trump himself.  Fox, like anyone who has paid attention to Donald Trump during the campaign and since his ascent to the White House, knows that this presidential run wasn’t about running the nation. It was about Donald Trump’s insatiable ego, his insecurity, and his constant quest for more money and power that has been a lifelong pattern. Running for president was the only thing left. President Fox tweeted:

Indeed, it seems that Trump thought that if he got to be president, he wouldn’t have to, well, govern. He likely thought he’d be busy putting gold toilets in the White House, taunting Democrats, and telling big crowds of supporters how great he is.

Largely, that IS what Trump is doing; after all, he held a victory tour of rallies, and held a dueling event the night of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner so that he could mock the so-called “Washington elite.” And, of course, we all see his Twitter feed, which is full of mockery and ridicule.

However, during all of this, we see a White House riddled with scandal after scandal of Trump’s own making. The Russia investigation is heating up, and no matter how many times Trump and his supporters say it is “fake news,” it isn’t going away. Even members of Trump’s own Republican Party are floating the idea of impeachment. President Fox is right – Trump is getting attention, but definitely not the kind he wanted.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images