Trump Just Got Caught On Hot Mic, Makes Another Disgusting Joke That Will Ruin His Presidency (VIDEO)

After Donald Trump’s first disastrous hot mic moment was revealed through an Access Hollywood audio tape, it was hard to believe that his presidency could be further soiled by another audio scandal – but all of that changed today.

On Wednesday afternoon, Trump gave a commencement address to graduates at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, where he chose to complain about how unfairly he was treated compared to other presidents (some of which he seemed to forget were assassinated). It looked as if it couldn’t possibly get any worse than Trump throwing a temper tantrum about the media instead of inspiring the graduating students – but that wasn’t the only insanity that occurred.

Apparently, Department of Homeland Security secretary John Kelly had no idea he was being recorded, because he got caught on a hot mic making a disgusting joke to Trump, and of course, Trump was laughing right along in agreement with him.

During the ceremony, Trump was presented with a saber – another instrument that should never be placed in the hands of a man baby. Fortunately, no one was hurt. When Trump went back to his seat next to General Kerry, the DHS secretary leaned in and joked that Trump should use the ceremonial sword on reporters. In the recording below, you can see Kerry lean toward Trump and say, “You can use that on the press sir.” Trump giggled with glee and said, “Yeah, that’s right.” It was an unbelievable moment that proved that there are children in the White House now:

Trump and his team have made no secret that they all hate the mainstream media for its negative coverage, but this joke was absolutely disgusting. Apparently, Trump and his team have learned nothing from Trump’s first hot mic incident, in which he praised himself for sexually assaulting women.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images