The Hilarious Way WH Staff Secretly Signaled They Have No Idea Why Ivanka Is Allowed In Meetings

When news broke that Ivanka Trump would be getting her very own office in the West Wing many assumed she would receive some sort of job to go along with it. Instead, she has been just sort of hanging out, floating to different meetings sporadically. If she wants to, say, meet the Japanese Prime Minister whose government is critical to greenlighting Trump business interests, she’ll show up. If she wants to drop in on a closed-door meeting with business leaders to discuss policy, she’ll do that too. Sometimes she is even sent to be Trump’s spokesperson, a position she was never formally hired for.

So what is Ivanka Trump’s role in the White House? Nobody knows, not even Trump’s own aides. Her only real qualification is shameless nepotism. However, rather than put “boss’s daughter” on her placard, White House staffers panicked and just awkwardly ignored the situation altogether. Here’s what they did instead:

The other officials meeting around the table all had their titles printed underneath their names. Ivanka’s was left noticeably blank. The empty space serves only to reinforce just how bizarre her position in the White House is. She’s given completely unchecked access to Trump’s administration, but her actual job is still selling clothing and cheap jewelry in retail stores. When many concerned Americans began boycotting her merchandise, Republicans were infuriated. Kellyanne Conway made sure to go on cable news to insist Americans should consider it their patriotic duty to buy her stuff if they truly supported the president.

It’s with those conflicts of interest in mind that Twitter user @Darth dreamed up his own title to put under Ivanka’s name:

He’s not far off. The grifting from the Trump family after Donald Trump won the presidency has been incredibly swift. A little over 100 days in and Ivanka is leveraging her position to close international deals on her clothing brand, Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago has jacked up their prices and seen profits soar, and Donald Trump Jr has secured a multi-billion dollar investment from Dubai-based backers to further the Trump business.

All the while, Ivanka – billed by some incredibly oblivious onlookers as a “progressive” check on her father – wanders the White House aimlessly, attending meetings she doesn’t belong in and adding input on subjects she has no expertise in.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images