Officials: Trump Will Only Read Security Briefings If We Treat Him Like A Toddler

With the advent of print on demand and e-readers, parents of toddlers have a fantastic tool to help keep their little ones engaged in reading. They have customizable books, featuring their child as the protagonist. There must be some parents of toddlers in the Trump administration. They have discovered that the only way to get their boss to read a security briefing is to treat him just like a toddler — by putting his name in the briefing.

According to staffers, Trump’s attention span, which apparently only extends to about 140 characters, is so short that one personal mention in a brief isn’t enough. They need to squeeze his name in as many placers as possible. That’s not the only thing they need to do to keep the Commander-in-Chief paying attention. They need to keep them under one page, if possible, and with lots of pictures, charts and graphs. He likes maps too.

“He likes to visualize things,” said a senior administration official. “The guy’s a builder. He has spent his whole life looking at architectural renderings and floor plans.”

The details emerged as people close to the President worried that he may not be able to stick to the script and avoid more problems as he heads out on his first foreign trip. Officials are worried that Mr Trump’s lack of focus and attention to detail could cause problems as he visits Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia, Israeli and Palestinian leaders in Israel and the West Bank, the pope at the Vatican, NATO leaders in Brussels and G7 counterparts in Sicily.

Source: Independent

A Republican official expressed concern that Trump was going to be out of his element during his visit to the Middle East (he’s just now figuring this out?). This, after Trump insisted that solving the 4,000 year-old conflict is easy.

“…I want to see peace with Israel and the Palestinians. There is no reason there’s not peace between Israel and the Palestinians – none whatsoever.”

Unfortunately, this is Trump in a nutshell. It was easy for him to become rich (he inherited it). It was easy for him to file multiple bankruptcies and pass the losses onto the taxpayers. If something is not handed to him on a gold platter (silver is much too pedestrian), it’s not worth the time. Trump is either the laziest or the dumbest man ever to hold the office of the presidency. Hell, why choose? It’s clear that he’s both.

Featured image via Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images