EXPOSED: Trump Staffers Feed Him A Steady Diet Of Fake News (DETAILS)

Trump can’t handle the truth, and apparently one of the benefits of being the president is that he never needs to.

Politico reported earlier that Trump staffers have been instructed to tell him only what he wants to hear, and that includes a steady diet of fake news. Most recently, staffers handed Trump a photoshopped cover of Time magazine that purports to be about global cooling.

The president fell for the fake news, hook, line, and sinker.

The photoshopped Time cover that Trump staffers tricked the president with.

Trump’s inability to tell real news from fake is starting to impact his policy and concern top staffers.

Priebus Tries to Step In

Reince Priebus, the former head of the RNC who is currently working as chief of staff in the White House, is reportedly concerned over the president.

According to reports from within the White House, he is putting strict rules in place to try to stop Trump from being fooled by fake news. Politico revealed that Priebus is worried made-up stories from alt-right news sites are impacting Trump’s already-shaky decision-making abilities.

But it’s unclear whether or not it’s working since Trump seems to go out of his way to get the fake news he wants from Twitter and delivered by other staffers.

Trump Can’t Get Enough Fake News

The situation in the Oval Office is bad enough that Priebus has tried to put controls in place, but there’s no way to stop the president. Trump’s overarching narcissism and inflated ego means that he only wants to read and watch things that reinforce his point of view.

One of the best examples of Trump’s fake news addiction is the way that he parrots Fox’s cringeworthy morning show, Fox and Friends. More than once, Trump has been busted tweeting his thoughts on a story that’s just run on Fox and Friends.

According to Politico, staffers have gotten the message. Now they’re spoon-feeding Trump exactly what he wants to hear.

We deserve better from our president.

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images