A Reporter Asked Paul Ryan If He Still Has Confidence In Trump, He Ran Away (VIDEO)

After House Speaker Paul Ryan stood in front of the American people and urged them not to rush to judgement on Trump’s numerous Russia-related scandals — “We need the facts,” said the guy from a party that spent years badgering our last President about his birth certificate, Benghazi, Benghazi, and Benghazi — a reporter asked him a question that should have been easy for him to answer. But it wasn’t easy, was it, Mr. Ryan?

CBS correspondent Nancy Cordes asked Speaker Ryan if he still has “full confidence in Donald Trump.” This is an easy question for the meth-addled morons who still hang on every word spoken by their favorite fascist, but Ryan (like many Republicans who want to be re-elected) seemed to have difficulty with the question. He simply looked down, a “get me the f*ck out of here” expression overtaking his rodent-like face.

In recent days, we learned that Donald Trump handed state secrets directly to Russia in the Oval Office, and that James Comey’s firing occurred after he refused to pledge his loyalty to Trump and requested additional resources for his investigation into The Donald’s collusion with Russia. At this point, if anyone has anything approaching faith in Donald Trump, they are unfit to serve in any elected office.

Ryan could have provided a one-word answer to that question if he truly believed in The Donald. Instead, brave Sir Ryan ran away.

Watch it happen below:

Featured image via screengrab