WATCH: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson SCREAMS About Dirty Bathrooms To Avoid Talking About Trump

Fox News personalities and Trump surrogates seem to be desperate to do anything to take attention away from the fact that we’ve got a treasonous bastard in the White House. Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and others, are doing absolutely everything they can to pretend that Trump is this strong, powerful, amazing and upstanding guy – the best president we’ve ever had. And to do so, they’ll say pretty much anything.

Tonight, Tucker Carlson jumped on New York City councilman Corey Johnson over his bill to try and force Trump to release his tax returns. Carlson believes that Johnson has better things to do than try to help America figure out if our president has severe conflicts of interest that prevent him from acting in the country’s best interest. One of those things Carlson says Johnson ought to pay attention to is the dirty bathrooms in Penn Station:

“By the way, ignore the guy living under the ATM machine, or relieving himself next to- I’m serious! I go there every week, and that’s your- Penn Station is yours! And you’re worrying about Trump’s tax returns? Are you joking? Have you been in the men’s room there?”

Then it just devolves into a shouting match with Carlson frantically trying to derail the conversation so he doesn’t have to listen to more about Trump. Watch below:

Penn Station is in Johnson’s district, true. And it’s very sad, but train station toilets in major cities the world over are gross. I live in Chicago – they’re pretty gross here, too. However, that’s a massive deflection there because the fact of the matter is that it’s long past time for Trump to level with us, or be forced to. Carlson is also acting like the only thing the New York City council is working on is trapping Trump – that’s far from true. But they have other pressing matters and limited funding, just like many other major cities here in the U.S.

Trump is proving himself to be a threat, and we need to know exactly how.

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video